Made with Code

I recently had the pleasure of working on Google’s Made with Code initiative with the Red & Co. creative studio and Mash a group of developers located in Portland Oregon. My primary focuses were creating the renderer for the Bracelet Challenge along with the binary exporter that takes peoples rendered bracelets and sends them to Shapeways for 3D printing. I have to say this job

Sketchpad for Custom Print

Sketchpad has been used in applications from scientific machine learning, to kids drawing, but we haven’t had much chance to focus on any commercial aspects. This is why we’re excited to be changing that. We’re gearing up to provide the technology that makes your users product customization experience quick and easy by tapping into our

Sketchpad 3.0

Sketchpad 3 is available in the Chrome Webstore (for free), combining WebGL effects with vector editing, and lots of HTML5 goodness! Some of the major improvements include: Webcam FX core integration—take photos with your camera, add filters, and place into your drawing! Save your entire drawing, from vector commands, to attached assets into a single .SKETCH package container

WebcamFX – GLSL Shaders

Take photos with your webcam: mix and match combinations of filters to come up with your own unique effects. FilterStack includes a large collection of filter combinations to help get you started. Once you’re happy with your image, you can save to your computer, or upload to Sketch.IO to share with your friends. Similarly, you

Sketchpad 2.1

UPDATE: Read about Sketchpad 3.0 Where Sketchpad 2.0 introduced non-destructive vector + bitmap editing on the web. Sketchpad 2.1 (SP2.1) takes that bland package of vector tools and borrows features from Sketch Mobile, an app that exhibited my furthest exploration in creating colorful enviroments. SP2.1 is great at creating background wallpapers quickly now that most of