Sketchpad for Custom Print

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Sketchpad has been used in applications from scientific machine learning, to kids drawing, but we haven’t had much chance to focus on any commercial aspects. This is why we’re excited to be changing that. We’re gearing up to provide the technology that makes your users product customization experience quick and easy by tapping into our experience + codebase in building Sketchpad.

One of the many features we’re creating to push the envelope is instant previews of customized products—there is no more need to upload the artwork, process the preview on the server, and then download once again, this can all be done in milliseconds in the browser.

We’re looking for partners who own print companies, with websites that are in the need of automation and HTML5 goodness. Connect with us—

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Sketchpad 3.0

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Sketchpad 3 is available in the Chrome Webstore (for free), combining WebGL effects with vector editing, and lots of HTML5 goodness!

Some of the major improvements include:
  • Webcam FX core integration—take photos with your camera, add filters, and place into your drawing!
  • Save your entire drawing, from vector commands, to attached assets into a single .SKETCH package container which can be reloaded into the app via Drag & Drop. Special thanks to Zip.JS
  • Gradient text support (with live preview).
  • Improved SVG parsing/rendering.
  • Improved UX.
adminSketchpad 3.0

WebcamFX – GLSL Shaders


Take photos with your webcam: mix and match combinations of filters to come up with your own unique effects. FilterStack includes a large collection of filter combinations to help get you started.

Once you’re happy with your image, you can save to your computer, or upload to Sketch.IO to share with your friends. Similarly, you can share your custom filters as well—this way your friends can use the same filter you made for their own pictures.

To enable editing, hover over the right side of the app—this will display thesidebar. Here you can: add filters, modify the values of each filter in the stack, reorganize which filter is processed first, enable/disable filters, or remove filters. Each of these controls can create vastly different effects.

Play around, share the results, and let us know what you think!

Available as a Chrome Extension or Web app 🙂

adminWebcamFX – GLSL Shaders

Open Source Code on Github

I’ve recently started releasing a bunch of projects on Github, generally these a bits of code that I find to be very useful in many various projects like Event.js, or just a fun little exercise in code like porting the Inkscape Star tool into Javascript, this is an overview of some of my favorites, and code used in many of my projects:

  • Color-Space.js—Library to convert between color spaces: HEX, RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSLA, CMY, CMYK. This makes it easy to convert from strings into color objects, to be easily modified, apply filters to them, and then convert them back to W3 compatible strings.