Presets on Google Developer Live

I recently had the honor to be part of a new series called Presets on Google Developer Live hosted by Paul Irish, and lovingly put together by Louis GreyPhoebe Peronto amongst other Googlers. We discussed my most popular Chrome Experiments including Color Sphere, Color Piano, as well as my latest project Sketchpad 2.0. Here’s the description of the show;

Starting today, we’re introducing a new series on +GDL, called Presents, highlighting Google developers and their incredible products. Kicking off is our first series, Making Web Magic, highlighting the minds behind the most popular+Google Chrome experiments. These +Google Developers showcase their latest web experiments and discuss how they are making the web faster, more fun, and more open in this 3-episode hangout.

Join our host +Paul Irish and see updates from some amazing guests in this three part series: +Michael Deal, +Mark Danks and +Hakim El Hattab. The episodes air today at 1, 2 and 3 PM Pacific Time. Join us on+GDL
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Antidepressants for the World Economy

As crazy as it might seem, investors from around the world are converting their cash into US currency — even as our markets crash the value of the dollar keeps rising steadily. How can this make sense? … Well, apparently, in the grand scheme of things, our economy is a safe haven in the global meltdown. Countries from around the world are losing value quicker than our own. Mexico for instance, in August 2008 it would take 10.5 pesos to buy one dollar, less than a year later, it now takes 14.5 pesos to buy that same US dollar. Relatively, we’re doing fairly well.

So, you may ask yourself, how can the entire world lose value? Where is this value going? If this value was real, it would act like energy… value could not be destroyed, or created, merely converted. Well, the truth is, this “value” never existed. Money hasn’t been backed by gold for decades, and stocks don’t measure true value (they are essentially a barometer of how people feel about a company). So, what’s the solution?

We need to think more positively, as silly as it may sound, this is my solution — people need to believe the economy is doing well, because, in the end, does it really matter whether it ever was real? And, truly, money has become so detached from reality that there’s slim chance it will ever represent anything more than how people feel. Let’s get used to it, and move on (alternatively, we could go back to the barter system, but that’s for another discussion).

Here’s a few suggestions to get started: Stop supporting news stations that focus on the negative… they’re making money from your fear, and replacing our positive illusions with negative illusions (which is more harmful?). Go outside and get some exercise — you’re going to get sun too, and we all know vitamin D is good for the economy. Eat healthier… junk food is bad for the economy, it makes us depressed. Get more sleep… in the same vain, try get away from the computer (the blue LEDs work like caffeine to keep you awake). And finally, try to smile, it will release endorphins into the brain — as an added bonus, it will make the people around you happier as well! As an M.D. (Michael Deal), I’m prescribing that everyone around the world unite, and follow this strict regimen for a wealthier, healthier, and happier society. Thank you for your time 😀


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