Presets on Google Developer Live

I recently had the honor to be part of a new series called Presets on Google Developer Live hosted by Paul Irish, and lovingly put together by Louis GreyPhoebe Peronto amongst other Googlers. We discussed my most popular Chrome Experiments including Color Sphere, Color Piano, as well as my latest project Sketchpad 2.0. Here’s the description of the show;

Starting today, we’re introducing a new series on +GDL, called Presents, highlighting Google developers and their incredible products. Kicking off is our first series, Making Web Magic, highlighting the minds behind the most popular+Google Chrome experiments. These +Google Developers showcase their latest web experiments and discuss how they are making the web faster, more fun, and more open in this 3-episode hangout.

Join our host +Paul Irish and see updates from some amazing guests in this three part series: +Michael Deal, +Mark Danks and +Hakim El Hattab. The episodes air today at 1, 2 and 3 PM Pacific Time. Join us on+GDL
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