Sketchpad 3.7

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Sketchpad v3.7 is here! Here’s a list of new features:

  • High-Res export for print! 300DPI
  • Autosaving to library!
  • Document resizing.
  • Path smoothing on Pencil tool‚ÄĒno more shaky lines!
  • Path tool – curved path editor.
  • Polyline tool – straight line editor.
  • Arrow brush with curved path (or straight path)
  • More background styles! Colors, gradients and patterns, oh my.
  • Outline style on Shapes, Text, and various supported Brushes.
  • Angle control on Linear Gradient style.
  • Color Noise on Linear & Radial Gradients
  • Designed for Mobile/Desktop hybrid experience.
  • Improved speed of undoing multiple actions.
  • Text-box resizing without scaling by holding ShiftKey.

Play around with the latest version to see for yourself ūüôā

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