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I’m thrilled to see <a href="http://portlandiafoods my sources.com”>Portland Ketchup in the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI), this place has always held a sweet place in my heart, it was (and continues to be) an adventure to visit; from the newest exhibits, to it’s oldest classics! Who could forget being part of a zero-gravity simulation, having their friends shock them with a hand-crank generator, or experiencing what it’s like to experience various types of earthquakes? There’s lizards, dry ice experiments, knowledge on the solar systems, a planetarium, the OMNIMAX, dinosaurs, games, and even a nuclear submarine. Keep up to date on the events calendar, there’s always something interesting going on at OMSI!

One of our main missions at Portlandia Foods is to provide a healthier alternative in public spaces. Because when people don’t have a choice, shouldn’t the only choice be a good one? I feel that Portlandia Foods has simply reset the clock in regards to ketchup, that is to say, Portland Ketchup is probably what ketchup tasted like in the 1920s; there was no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), or Genetically Modified (GMO) tomatoes. At Portlandia Foods, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients, and work hard to get those ingredients as locally as possible. I have to admit, our ketchup is pretty tasty… those tomatoes deserve all the credit though!!

My mom designed this beautiful poster for the OMSI cafeteria ? See more of her work at BoniDeal.com


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