Portlandia Foods: Locations

It’s been an exciting year at Portlandia Foods.  In the past six-months we’ve gone from an idea, to a product that can be found in local stores, coops, restaurants, and public works.  Alberta Coop even featured us in a great article covering a short history of Ketchup, and how to make killer BBQ-sauce!  A big “Thank you!” to everyone who has helped make this possible; Jeff Bergadine, Boni DealDaniel Christopher, Kamila Loupal, the fine people at Alexis Foods and GloryBee Natural Foods, and the support from so many others;  we couldn’t of gotten this far without ya!

To keep up with what’s going on at Portlandia Foods, and find the nearest place that carries Portland Ketchup we’re introducing a new “locations” page that will make the process a snap!  The Google Maps API was a pleasure to work with–conveniently, their API provides directions for Bicycling and Walking to locations; many thanks to Google for providing these resources freely to all ?

Without further ado;  http://www.portlandiafoods.com/locations/


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