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Tonight, on ColRD, we released the latest rendition of¬†Palette Creator, along with our newest addition; the Gradient Creator! This new webapp makes it fun and easy to create CSS3 linear gradients ūüôā¬†UPDATE:¬†You can also download the Gradient Creator as a Chrome webapp.


  • Drag & Drop GIMP Gradient (.GGR) files into the browser to view them!
  • Delta Swatch: ¬†Shows the colors most similar to the one you’re choosing of the 4096 websmart colors (in CIE-Lab color space).
  • Keyboard goodness with Color Picker: ¬†HSL, RGB, and HEX chooser.
  • Preview: ¬†See your gradient in full-screen mode before you save it.
  • Flip: ¬†Flip your gradient, so: ¬†first is last, and last is first.
  • Intriguing¬†new interface to create gradients! …

Do we need a new gradient editor GUI?

Gradient editors haven’t changed much historically, the same dynamic is used¬†throughout¬†GIMP, Illustrator, Inkscape and Photoshop. For me, these interfaces are clunky, leading to repetitive stress of the wrists and fingers, which prompted me to think, “There must be a better way!”. ¬†One of the most¬†click-saving¬†changes was combining the Color Picker and Gradient Creator as one unit‚ÄĒthere are no popup windows or “Ok” buttons.

Traditionally gradient editors allow users to place a point in space that radiates it’s color in both directions evenly. This is the way that computers think about gradients; color points in space, blended (in the case of <canvas>) linearly.

Description of the Gradient Creator;

  • ColRD gradient creator presents itself as color blocks‚ÄĒjust like a palette.
    • Inside each color block you will find the midpoint controller‚ÄĒthese controllers allow you to stretch the color towards the left or the right of the block.
    • To the left and right of the color block are col-resize controllers‚ÄĒthese allow you to scale the width of the color block and the¬†adjacent¬†one.
  • Color blocks can be reorganized by dragging and dropping, without rescaling the color block or the ones around it.
  • If you drag and drop a color block onto the Color Picker, the color will be removed from your gradient (re-absorbed¬†into color space!).

Future developments;

  • GGR, SVG, and CSS3 exporting (soon, as in this week).
  • Desktop wallpaper generator; textures, gradients, and user defined sizing (see previous article), along with the¬†Gradient Noise generator.
  • Time-machine (undo and redo).
  • The user could split the midpoint, creating a shadow of itself in the opposite direction, this way the user could control the color blur on one edge (as it is now), or both edges simultaneously. ¬†The shadow could be fixed to the inverse of the controller (SHIFT-KEY) to create even blurs, or controlled on it’s own¬†independently.

If you have any ideas for the future, let us know!

Random thought;

For those interested in exotic gradient editors, SpectraG is a project that uses mathematic equations to generate gradients;


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