Batch Thumbnail Generator

Many times, when researching a larger project, I make smaller demos—to break up my workflow, and keep things fresh. The Batch Thumbnail Generator (BTG) is one of these offshoots, a sandbox for creating zip packages with the <a href="http://dev.w3 view”>BlobBuilder API, and Flash based download solutions—I also used BTG to create the thumbnails for the Software page (which didn’t quite justify the time invested) ?

BTG allows you to quickly produce .zip thumbnail packages;

  • Drag & Drop images into the browser.
  • Tug on the images to resize them, or enter a specific width & height.
  • Crop images “to fit”, or “to edges”, or not at all.
  • Center the image horizontally & vertically, or not at all.
  • Add a background color to your outputted images, or transparency.
  • Generate batches of thumbnails in “JPEG” or “PNG” format.
  • Special thanks to; JSZip, FileSaver, BlobBuilder, Downloadify and SWFObject!


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